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The Bear (Beer?) Burglar caught on camera

I could hardly call it a Cat Burglar could i?

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When I think of cats I think of sublimely athletic creatures of incredible grace and physical prowess.

It therefore follows that the term Cat Burglar refers to a physically adroit burglar.

Indeed Wiktionary states

"cat burglar (plural cat burglars) A particularly stealthy burglar, especially one who gains undetected entry through the use of agility."

I feel that this is a fairly accurate depiction of an 'average' cat burglar


So when I spotted this somewhat suspicious and dodgy looking character scaling the fence of the Holy Odigitrievsky Cathedral in Ulan Ude for whatever nefarious purpose he had in mind, being of the sharp mind that I am I was able to quickly determine that I was not dealing with an average run of the mill Cat Burglar but that far more rare of beasts, the Bear Burgurglar (aka the Beer Burgurlar).

Photos have been submitted the the KGB and Interpol in the hope that this creature will be captured and incarcerated before it damages any more wrought iron fences.


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Sights of Ulan Ude -1

Home to Siberia's oldest people and one of Russia's most colourful indigenous people, the Buryat

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As mentioned at the end of the last blog entry, Ulan Ude had been selected as the location for one of our "rest" (as in no riding) days.

John had the hotel recommend and book a local Buryat guide to show us as many of the sites at time permitted but first we did a self-guided tour of a Buddhist museum with a dedicated display of Buddhist medicine - fascinating, and to think the knowledge and techniques on display date from hundreds of years past.


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Chita to Ulan Ude

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Situated some 650km west of Chita is Ulan Ude, the Buryat capital is one of Eastern Siberia’s most likeable cities.


Buryatia as the region encompassing Lake Baikal is known, is the homeland of the Buryats, a Mongolic people, numbering approximately 500,000, who are the largest indigenous group in Siberia.

I liked Ulan Ude; there is something about the place that seems to radiate friendliness. With its smiley Asian features, cosy city centre and fascinating Mongol-Buddhist culture, the Buryat capital is one of Eastern Siberia’s most likable cities. Quietly busy, welcoming and, after Siberia’s Russian cities, refreshingly exotic.

The ride from Chita was relatively 'easy' - long stretches of steppes interspersed with forested areas.


As we have found with all the time estimates on Google Maps for the trip, add about 10%. It is impossible to maintain an average speed much in excess of 80kmh, often much less. Endless road works, slow traffic in built-up areas effectively kill the benefits of high-speed running on the good bits of road.


At one of our stops along the way David took the opportunity to break out his DJI Mavic Air drone to catch a few shots, including John and I riding past.

Roadside "cafe" with John and I gearing up to get on the road.

Steve and John

Some shots from along today's ride.

We elected to have a rest day in Ulan Ude so John booked a Buryat tour guide, a lovely lady called Anna

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