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The Bear (Beer?) Burglar caught on camera

I could hardly call it a Cat Burglar could i?

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When I think of cats I think of sublimely athletic creatures of incredible grace and physical prowess.

It therefore follows that the term Cat Burglar refers to a physically adroit burglar.

Indeed Wiktionary states

"cat burglar (plural cat burglars) A particularly stealthy burglar, especially one who gains undetected entry through the use of agility."

I feel that this is a fairly accurate depiction of an 'average' cat burglar


So when I spotted this somewhat suspicious and dodgy looking character scaling the fence of the Holy Odigitrievsky Cathedral in Ulan Ude for whatever nefarious purpose he had in mind, being of the sharp mind that I am I was able to quickly determine that I was not dealing with an average run of the mill Cat Burglar but that far more rare of beasts, the Bear Burgurglar (aka the Beer Burgurlar).

Photos have been submitted the the KGB and Interpol in the hope that this creature will be captured and incarcerated before it damages any more wrought iron fences.


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