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Chita to Ulan Ude

sunny 32 °C
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Situated some 650km west of Chita is Ulan Ude, the Buryat capital is one of Eastern Siberia’s most likeable cities.


Buryatia as the region encompassing Lake Baikal is known, is the homeland of the Buryats, a Mongolic people, numbering approximately 500,000, who are the largest indigenous group in Siberia.

I liked Ulan Ude; there is something about the place that seems to radiate friendliness. With its smiley Asian features, cosy city centre and fascinating Mongol-Buddhist culture, the Buryat capital is one of Eastern Siberia’s most likable cities. Quietly busy, welcoming and, after Siberia’s Russian cities, refreshingly exotic.

The ride from Chita was relatively 'easy' - long stretches of steppes interspersed with forested areas.


As we have found with all the time estimates on Google Maps for the trip, add about 10%. It is impossible to maintain an average speed much in excess of 80kmh, often much less. Endless road works, slow traffic in built-up areas effectively kill the benefits of high-speed running on the good bits of road.


At one of our stops along the way David took the opportunity to break out his DJI Mavic Air drone to catch a few shots, including John and I riding past.

Roadside "cafe" with John and I gearing up to get on the road.

Steve and John

Some shots from along today's ride.

We elected to have a rest day in Ulan Ude so John booked a Buryat tour guide, a lovely lady called Anna

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Blagoveshensk to Yerofey Pavlovich to Chita

WOW, this place is bloody huge

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Onwards! West!

Hour after hour, billions of trees and thousands of square miles (admit it, sounds better than square kilometers doesn't it) of steppes.

Christ, who's bloody idea was this?

I could post hundreds of photos of forest, trees, vast plains of grassland but.... they all look the same when you stare at them for up to 12 hours a day, day and day after day.... anyway you get my drift.


Russia is beyond BIG. Australia is big. Russia is ginormous! Forget all concept of distances, riding a long way in Russia is very, very tiring. The roads, whilst they have been a lot better than we were led to believe they would be, they are very bumpy and undulating and keeping an eye out for drivers with a death wish is exhausting.

This leg of the trip took two days for a total of 1572km.


On Thursday July 4th we did the 795km from Blagoveshensk to Yerofey Pavlovich where we stayed at what could be best described a truck-stop or road house. As with everywhere we have stayed to date the rooms were clean so no complaints. It was a bit weird walking to the next building and paying an old lady 100 rubles to have a shower but there was plenty of hot water and the showers were immaculately kept so again, no complaints.


With the proprietors approval, we were able to stick two of our trip stickers on their front door, joining all sorts of others.

We got up early Friday (it was bloody cold outside!) , fueled up at the bowsers beside the road house and set off to complete the 777km to Chita.


"Of all Eastern Siberia’s major cities, Chita is the least prepared for visitors. It was literally put on the map by the noble-blooded Decembrists, one of whom designed its street-grid layout. Today there’s nothing aristocratic about this regional capital where Soviet symbols still embellish Stalinist facades, shaven-headed conscripts guard pillared military headquarters and Chinese cross-border peddlers lug monster bales past a well-tended Lenin statue. Non-Chinese foreigners are still a rarity here; tourism is a thing that happens elsewhere.".... Lonely Planet.

We would agree. Everything was hard work in Chita, even "finding" our hotel which was located on the 5th to 9th floors of a retail / commercial office building with no obvious signage.


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