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December 2018

Minds are changed

David connects with his feminine side which allows him to change his mind and decides he will rejoin the tour. Steve and David continue the bike search and between Christmas and New Year sneak off to "motorcycle central" in Auckland i.e. Barrys Point Road, Takapuna.

They start off the test rides by trying both a BMW F800GS and BMW F700GS and both arrive back feeling underwhelmed. The phrase "tonka toys" is bandied around but then they are used to riding big American bikes, Victory - Steve and Harley - David. They wander down the road and try a couple of new Honda Africa Twins on for size. Both are impressed but don't ask for a test ride. The search continues down the road where they head to look at Triumph Tigers where the honest salesman says to them "what are you thinking". "While I'd love to sell you a couple of 30K plus bikes you really need something you can use and abuse. Think simple. How will you feel when you drop a 30K bike? You need Suzuki DR650's!. Unfortunately we don't have a demo or second hand one in stock so come back next week".

Meantime David continues to troll the internet weighing up gross weight, power to weight, torque to weight, seat height, top speed, tank size, range and a multitude of other specifications that only a certain kind of person can be bothered with. At this stage both brothers hearts are thinking Africa Twin with one's head saying cheaper and simpler is better, maybe BMW F650GS or Suzuki DR650 only for his heart to say it needs to be a twin. The head says lets compromise and find a good BMW F650GS with the 800cc motor. The other is convinced that nothing under 1000cc will be enough of a bike.

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