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August 2017

The party grows

Steve had the thought that his brother David, might be interested in joining the tour and so then there were 3 and 181 was born (181 being the sum of our ages). David confirms that google is his friend and delves into the web for others experiences.

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Sunday Ride Anyone?

The plan is hatched

So two long term business partners and friends, John and Steve, started getting serious about the idea of riding across Russia mid 2019. Initial thoughts had them landing in Hamburg, exploring some of the eastern European countries, travelling to Helsinki, then North to Murmansk in Northern Russia, back down to Saint Petersburg and heading to Vladivostok on the Eastern side of Russia by effectively following the Trans-Siberian Highway albeit with a side excursion to detour through Mongolia for part of the journey.

All up google was saying around 19,200kms and 244 hours although averaging around 78 kms/hr was unlikely to be achievable.

The maximum time that John could be away was 6 weeks so it came down to having to average 457 kms per day. Not impossible but not allowing much time to stop and enjoy the scenery and what have you. Umm clearly a rethink was in order.

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