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May 2019

Almost past the point of no return

The last minute preparations are nearly complete with panniers and top boxes packed and ready to go int the van. The bikes were serviced yesterday including:
- Set of tyres - David
- Brake Pads - Steve
- Chain, and both Sprockets - both
- Brake fluid change - both
- Oil change and fit of K&N Oil Filter - both
- Tyre huggers fitted - both
- General check over - both
- Scott oilers fitted - both

The team at Vehicle Construction and Maintenance Ltd, 2/28 Honan Place, Avondale, Auckland, 09 828 0463 have just completed the pallets. Nice to know we have so much space to spare, 30mm clearance!!!




The pallets will be tied to the racks on the van and be reused at the other end to ship the bikes home.

Monday it all gets delivered to GT International Logistics and we will be past the point of no return!

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Dress to Survive

While like most riders we'd love to ride gear free and enjoy the wind in our hair and across our skin, the fact is gravel rash, broken bones and head injuries are things we'd rather not experience therefore we do live ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time). V-Twins such as our Victory and Harley require the black jacket and vest but these just don't feel right on a Kawasaki. As we want to be seen we have fixed driving lights to both bikes and both purchased Fluro Textile Jackets.

We have both been using Bull-It Motorcycle jeans for a number of years. We like the idea of being able to shed the jacket and look casually dressed BUT not motorcycle dressed. For those that don't know them, these jeans are denim outer with Kevlar lining to the inside. They also have space for armour, which we both found bulky and uncomfortable. Because of the two layers these jeans are bulky, hot and also restrictive to movement i.e. make it difficult to throw a short leg over a tall bike! not a problem for a Victory or Harley but a struggle on a Versys.

A search online for a better solution, non-textile or leather led us to Resurgence a Canadian manufacturer of bike gear with a wonder product - "single layer armoured jeans feature our latest breakthrough, a super advanced PekevĀ® and denim weave that have reached a record shattering CE level 2 abrasion rating at 11 seconds! ... This is now the highest abrasion rating pass ever, taking over from the 10.83 second pass achieved for our lined jeans (nobody else is even close)."


These sound like they are the go. A search of Auckland motorcycle shops found an obvious lack of stockists so we contacted Resurgence Gear NZ and a very accommodating chap by the name of Aaron came to our assistance. He invited us to his home in Hamilton on a Saturday so we could try the gear on. Then as he had to come to Auckland the plans were changed so he bought the gear with him and we caught up with him Sunday afternoon at his Motel.

A more helpful and accommodating chap would be hard to find. So our new gear for the ride now includes:

New Wave Jeans in black to go with the jackets when we're on the V-Twins of course. So much lighter and more comfortable. Anyone want to buy some second hand, 1 careful owner, Bull-It Jeans? We have two pair for sale!


Plaid Shirts

We also had a look at the hoodie and jacket that they have - unfortunately no stock in our sizes at present but nice items.

Okay so there are cheaper items out there BUT they aren't as safe. If you want the best currently available then take a serious look at this gear

Resurgence Gear Australasia
Creative Evolution Ltd
Office: Hamilton, New Zealand


Tell Aaron we recommended Resurgence!

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The Crows want to Fly

Both Kawasakis will have GoPros mounted on them to both record the trip and any "incidents" but we decided that we would really like to be able to provide more than ground based coverage of our trip so a Mavic Air drone has been added to the fleet!

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Route locked in

Well you'd think after a couple of years we'd have sorted out where we were going and when we were coming home including where we were shipping the bikes and van back to NZ from. Contrary

Partners flying up to meet us in Moscow and travel to the UK for a couple of weeks was considered and then put in the too hard basket. Steve, David and Anne (a friend of Steves) planned to head South through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France to the UK and up until yesterday that was the locked in plan.

Some rethinking overnight had us deciding that the route North looked like to would be more scenic so we decided to head to Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and on to Hamburg, after a dash to the coast, for journey end. While deciding on the stops and ferry routes the decision was made to ride around Gulf of Bothnia instead of catching the ferry across, whats another 1,700 kms when you're doing 14,000 (including a 1,000km diversion to look across the Mongolian border).


52 days and 15,826 kilometres


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Breathe in as its a tight squeeze

Concerns re how much room we were going to have trying to squeeze the Van and two bikes into a 20' container and how we were going to hold the bikes in place and make it possible to load/unload then with a fork hoist meant a mock up was required. A quick trial at Davids home suggested it was possible but tight.

The experts at VCM (Vehicle Construction and Maintenance) in Avondale were tasked with sorting these issues out.


We found a couple of Wheel Stand/Chocks online which looked like they would make things a little easier/quicker.


A mock up at VCM identified that it was tighter than we thought - time to remove the crash bars and front plastics including indicators - less than 100mm to spare in width and length - but achievable!!!


Thanks Adam

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