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March 2019

The Cage is bought

A 2010 Mitsubishi D5 Delica joins the Russian fleet after a careful mockup to ensure it and the bikes can fit in a 20 foot container - its tight but achievable. Upgrades to the Versys continue with now a van to upgrade as well but just a towbar (just in case) required. Hang on wonder how much luggage and spares everyone will have - there will be a family of 4 in the van and spares etc. for the 3 bikes. Steve and David are comfortable they can carry everything they should need but will take additional spares and tools because the van is available. A check with John finds he needs the van to carry spare tyres plus two large duffels (think BIG). So roof racks and a roof box are required. A little checking and yes if we slide the roof box in on edge down the side of the van we can get it all in.


Plans are getting finalised - arrive Vladivostok June 24, depart St Petersburgh around August 3 - The group then splits to travel home - John departs after a side trip to Helsinki to drop his bike off, the family fly back to NZ, Steve and David riding and a friend of Steves driving to either Rotterdam or the UK to ship the bikes and van back to NZ. Both Steve and David are wanting to be able to tick off the bucket list that they have not just ridden across Russia but have ridden Europe from coast to coast!


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