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How are the bikes holding up?

With just over 6,100kms under the tyres a quick update on the bikes

BMW R1200GSA - John

John chose to have his bike serviced Kemerovo as there is a BMW Service Centre there. He had a full service and changed out his tyres with ones he bought with him. All up cost around $US200 so cheap.

Issues to date:
- Loss of throttle - a quick check showed that the throttle connection had become disconnected so while the throttle was going around the message was getting through to the computer (it's not the traditional cable type but the fly by wire version). A simple replug and power off and back on and issue fixed;
- Top box lock has separated from lid. Not fixable without replacing lock so part ordered and will be fitted on a stop in a few days

Kawasaki Versys KLE 650 F - Steve and David


Issues to date:
- None with bikes
- Three with rider (I've dropped my bike twice, first one went to take off and hesitated due to traffic rolled back and couldn't touch the ground and over she went, second one stopped to take photos on side of the road, got back on and dropped glove, made mistake of leaning to look for it and over she went - must remember the road camber is on the opposite side to NZ as we are riding on the right so the stand is on the high side consequently the bike is more upright and easier to tip over and have lost a windscreen bolt - as my gopro mounts below screen I have been loosening the bolts to lift the screen to install and remove it. One stop I forgot to retighten the bolts so one vibrated loose and fell off somewhere along the route).


Tyre wear is very little and we are averaging 21.3kms/litre or just over 60mpg. Generally we have been cruising at around 110kph but there have been some extended runs at/over 130kph.

Did we pick the right bike for the job - definitely, all up the bikes with us and our gear on board are carrying around 200kgs - they have proven more than capable on covering the vast distances at speed and in comfort (no small thanks to the seat mods for this), they have coped well with the various road surfaces, handled open road and city duties with ease and proven reliable. What more could one ask for? I will concede that had we been doing serious amounts of offroad and/or a significant number of miles of unsealed roads this would not be the case however travelling the distances we have covered on the roads as they are on something like a DR650, which I seriously contemplated, would have been fair less suitable (i.e. comfortable or as easy).

So full marks to Kawasaki and their little ripper Versys 650.

P.S. both Steve and I have both seen 181kph so we truly are 181 Across Russia!

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