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Helpful tip # 2

Packiing your panniers

After a few road trips we have learnt that you need to make things easy - as they say keep in simple stupid. So our Kawasakis have panniers, a top box and a tank bag. Mind are packed as follows:

Right Hand Pannier - stuff I will need less frequently and that can stay on the bike overnight. Why the right pannier for this? Because it is higher when the bike is on its stand and easier therefore to access. Starting at the bottom - towel (quick drying one), bike maintenance e.g. tyre panda, spray oil etc, clothes I MAY need such as a sweatshirt, spare gloves etc., second pair of causal footwear and finally wet weather gear, pants on top.

Left Hand Pannier - clothes, I'm carrying eight changes (shirt, socks and undies), a pair of cargo paints with zip off legs, shorts and toiletries and suntan lotion, power multibox and chargers etc. plus a set of casual footwear. Again loaded in the order that I;m likely to want them This pannier I tend to take in at night.

- TIP: I load 1 complete set of clothes in a single zip lock bag so that a days change is easy to grab without having to unload the entire pannier.


- TIP 2: Roll items like shirts and trousers instead of folding as they crease less.

Top Box - Items I want accessible but secure and protected. I am carrying my laptop, the drone, water and my laundry in it this trip. When we stop overnight I take my laptop and the drone inside and lock my helmet, gloves and neck wrap in it.

Tank Bag - As it is soft, the most accessible and the quickest to remove all my important and frequently needed items are stored in here including passport, iPad, Phone, charge cables, money, sunglasses, pannier and topbox keys, snacks, a small bottle of water etc. I've found that with cruise on the Kawasaki I can grab a drink or snack while motoring along the road.

At Stops - When we stop I put my gopro, gloves and neck wrap in my topbox and take my helmet, jacket and tank bag inside - if I did't have the drone with me my helmet would also go in the topbox.

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